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Allcock Laight & Co. was established in Toronto Canada, with their location on King Street in 1854. The company made their first Split Cane rod there. The rod was crafted by Mr. Alfred Willmore who had joined the rod making department in 1863. This caused great excitement, not only within the company, but also within the British tackle trade. In 1880 the company exhibited in Melbourne, Toronto, Würzburg and Berlin. In 1881 more exhibitions took place with success in Norwich and Adelaide. Samuel attended all the shows putting forward the case for buying Allcock tackle. In 1883 they even went to Calcutta to supply tackle to the jewel in the British Empire, India. Mr. Westwood came to Toronto later, also from Redditch England, to manage the company in Canada, and later becoming a partner. In 1889 the company was incorporated in Canada under the names Allcock, Laight, & Westwood Co. By 1919 the company was acquired by directors, J, B. Kennedy & John Mossop who had been with the company for many years previous. Some time around 1927 the company was contracted to manufacture lures for the famous Creek Chub Bait Co a company located in Garrett, Indiana. By 1929 the A L & W Catalog showed over 20 different Creek Chub lures being produced in Canada for Canadians.  A L & W manufactured Creek Chub Lures along with it's own A L & W  brand lures and equipment right up until the closing of the company in the 1970's.

337-1 AL&W C.C.B.CO Pikie In Perch Scale
388-1 Double Jointed Pikie in Perch Scale
388-2 Double Jointed Pikie
Red & White
336-18 AL&W Creek Chub Pikie Silver Flash
 Teddy Wiggler Red & White
Cray-Z-Fish in Red & White
337-2 AL&W C.C.B.CO.Box

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