Bronson Reels.

The Bronson Reel Company from Bronson, Michigan started in June 1922 by founder E.J. McMahon, who had formerly been the sales manager for the Shakespeare Company in Kalamazoo. And by 1928, Bronson expanded their line of reels to more than a dozen different models, with many trade style reels being produced for retailers and wholesalers around the U.S. Starting in the 1950’s, the Bronson Reel Company was supplying retailers with trade style reels, among them the famous P-41 casting reel for James Heddon & Sons, and had large contracts with Sears and Montgomery Wards. By the 1960’s, sales began steadily slipping due to enormous competition in the spinning reel market along with the virtual disappearance of the casting reel market.
​Bronson changed ownership more than once during the 1950’s and into the 60’s, but were finally sold to the True Temper Corp in 1967. The factory closed down several years later, with a few of the original models still being offered by True Temper into the 1970’s, sadly 50 years of reel production by Bronson was history. Bronson Reels are very collectable and sought after, and still great quality today.

Bronson Mercury 2550
Bronson Sport King No. 69
J.A Coxe
Coronet 25
Bronson Sears Belmont No. 312.3600
Bronson Comet 2400L.H
Bronson Lashless 1700-A
Bronson Fleetwing 2475
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