Creek Chub Bait Co. Garrett Indiana.

Deemed by historians as one of two principal manufacturers of classic fishing tackle, the Creek Chub Bait Company's creators began making lures by hand for family and friends’ years before the business was officially launched. In 1910, Henry S. Dills, George Schultess & Carl Heinzerling joined their interests in fishing lures and officially started the tackle company. With a small factory in Garrett, Indiana, they spent the first year manufacturing their fishing tackle. In 1911, Creek Chub Bait Company was open for business & the lures delivered to local shops. C.C.B. Co grew over the next 18 years & later moved into a larger manufacturing plant in 1929. The innovators at C.C.B. Co are indeed responsible for creating one of the most important lure enhancements of all time. C.C.B. Co creators decided to place a fine netting, typically used for women's hat designs, over the lures during painting to create natural scale patterns on the lures. Collectors might still be able to find lures from the original netting paint designs as these lures appeared on the market beginning in 1917. C.C.B. Co was the first to use glass eyes to embellish its lures, glass eye or (GE) versions of C.C.B. Co lures are the most sought after. C.C.B. Co continued with glass eyes on its wooden lures during the 1950s, staying with glass eye’s longer than other tackle companies who switched to painted tack eyes. Collectors of vintage fishing lures certainly search to add classic items from the C.C.B. Co brand lures to their collections. In the 1930s, 40s and 50s, the C.C.B. Co Wiggle-fish was just one of many lures produced for Canadians by Allcock, Laight & Westwood Company, located in Toronto, Canada. Collectors with an assortment of vintage lures must include a variety of Creek Chub lures to their collection. The C.C.B. Co innovations are legendary, many serious collectors feature Creek Chub Bait Company fishing lures.

Creek Chub Surface Dingbat 5401
Creek Chub Wiggle Fish 2405
Creek Chub Midget Pikie Minnow 2200
Creek Chub 1505 Injured Minnow
Creek Chub 703 Pikie
Creek Chub 900 Baby Pikie
Creek Chub 2601 Jointed Pikie
Creek Chub 2700 Baby Jointed Pikie
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700 series Pikie Minnow listing in the 1939 Catalog.