Fibreglass Fishing Rods.

The Fibreglass fishing rod owes its existence to the many innovations that are a by-product of World War 2. There was a lot of experimenting with glass fibre being cased in resin for the Aircraft industry during the war, everyone was looking for lightweight materials to help with deliverable payload, the lighter the plane the more munitions that could be carried to the battlefield. The first Fibreglass fishing rods that I can reasonably trace down go back to the end of the war in the late 1940’s. A gentleman named Robert Gayle, along with another man developed the Fibreglass fishing rod sometime in the late 1940’s. Fibreglass fishing rods are not as technical as the modern sensitive Graphite we have today. However, Fibreglass does have its niche particularly in saltwater fishing and fishing around rocky shores surf fishing. Some anglers will only use fiberglass rods it’s what they like. Some fiberglass fishing rods are very collectable. Rods from St. Croix, Zebco and other popular brands are sought after.

St. Croix 7208 Saltwater
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St. Croix 7208 Saltwater fishing rod.