James Heddon & Son's.

James Heddon, originally a beekeeper, the legend has it that James Heddon while waiting for his friend was carving on a stick of wood. When his friend had arrived, James threw the carved plug sized stick of wood off into the water. When the stick hit the water, James observed a huge bass burst up & hit the stick. That’s the moment when the light went on and the idea for a new fishing lure was inspired. A year later, James created the Dowagiac Casting lure, a topwater bait design and the beekeeper's first official lure. The Heddon Company was established in 1902, & James Heddon carving his fish catching lures by hand at his kitchen table. The company signed a deal with a Canadian sales supply company in 1910 & added a factory in Dowagiac, Michigan. Unfortunately, James Heddon died in 1911, however his sons, Will and Charles, were inspired to continue the fishing equipment business & led it to become an industry leading giant. The company kept growing and by 1950, the company was producing more than 11,000 units a day. By this time, Heddon also produced reels, rods & other general fishing equipment. The first officially marketed lure by the Heddon Company the famous Dowagiac Casting Bait. Known by the nickname Slope-nose because of the lures blue slanted nose. The lure features a white body and two hooks, & anglers will find this classic lure is still a deadly lure. The Heddon Company continued producing their popular Dowagiac Minnow into the 1950s. In 1955, Will & Charles Heddon sold the company to the Murchinson family, this due to tough competition by several other companies along with a desire to leave the industry while their company still had value. The Heddon Company was purchased by several other owners, before it ended up part of EBSCO. A vintage fishing lure collection can not be complete without several old Heddon lures in it. With timeless style, legend & quality, Heddon fishing lures are a must in any collection. We have one of the best River Runt Spook collections in Alberta.

980 CRA Punkie Spook
 RareRiver Runt Spook Dealer Dozen Box
 RareDealer DozenRiver Runt Spook Box D9110L
River Runt Spook 9110XRS
River Runt Spook 9110XRW
River Runt Spook 9110L
River Runt Spook 9110XRY
River Runt Spook 9110RH
River Runt Spook 9110XBW
River Runt Spook 9400XRS
River Runt Spook 9110XBW
River Runt Spook D9110L
River Runt Spook D9110XRY
River Runt Spook D9110RH
River Runt Spook D9110XBW
Heddon Tadpolly Spook
9000 SO
Heddon Tadpolly Spook
9000 RH
Heddon Punkinseed 
9630 SUN
Heddon Punkinseed 
9630 2nd
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Heddon River Runt Spook 9400 XRS Floater