Lucky Strike Lures. Canada.

Starting with company founder Frank Edgar crafting lures from broom handles he collected from neighbors, in his home in Peterborough Ontario in the 1920’s. And from 1931 to the present day, Lucky Strike bait works continues to be one of Canada’s and the worlds legendary bait and fishing equipment leaders. Lucky Strike is one of Canada’s greatest fishing tackle companies. Crafting all sorts of lures to landing nets and much more. Collectors of Lucky Strike lures look for old wooden plugs and lures from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Lures from these eras are very collectable and highly sought after. We believe the first major lure to be produced and sold in numbers was the Lucky Strike "Little Scamp Minnow"  We begin our collection here for you with an amazing 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Little Scamp Minnow. Ageless Quality, Dependability, Legend! Lucky Strike Bait Works.

Lucky Strike Little Scamp Minnow
Lucky Strike Muskie Plug 2002
Lucky Strike Muskie Plug 2004
Lucky Strike Muskie Plug 2021
Lucky Strike Submarine 3502
More great Lucky Strike Lures coming soon as we process the photos. Check back often to see more.

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Lucky Strike Muskie Plug #2004