How to Add a simple Flasher for success Ice Fishing

Does not matter if it’s a nice summer day on the water or a cold day on the ice, electronics have a place right there with you in the boat or in the ice shelter. Today I am going to talk about adding a flasher to your ice fishing kit. No, you don’t need to spend a ton of money, no you don’t need to lug a heavy bulky wired box of misery out on the ice. Flashers have gone SMART, yes, easy and simple heck you already have your phone with you, use it. Here’s how!

If you have an I-Phone or an Android phone or tablet you are already halfway there, next grab a Deeper 3.0 Bluetooth, or a Deeper Pro Wi Fi connect, or the best of the best the Deeper Pro + Wi Fi connect with GPS. The Deeper quickly charges up and you are in business, let’s talk about setting it up.

First download and set up the free Deeper App on your device, you can do this while your Deeper is charging at home and you can pair your device and the Deeper while it is charging, this will make it connect fast later when you are out on the water. Once you are on the ice, place your fully charged Deeper into the water in your ice fishing hole. Now that you are set, in the upper right-hand corner click the setting button. Scroll down to the (Sonar) menu and set the Deeper Vertical Flasher to the ON position. Next, just above the Vertical Flasher in the same menu is the Frequency setting, set it to the 290khz (Narrow Beam) and you are set. In the (General) menu you can set your units to metric or imperial and there are some other settings you can set to your preference. Click out of the settings and your flasher will be live and feeding back information.

In the video below, you can see the Deeper in #flasher mode and I will talk about reading the information.

You can also use the Deeper to keep tabs on a Tip-Up as well, if you are jigging for Walleye or Perch and have a tip up outside set with smelt for pike, keep your flasher going inside and just place the Deeper ball out in the tip up hole and you can watch what is happening out there while you are inside jigging.

Shown in the photo below, in the history archive of my Deeper, is a fish I caught, you can see the large return and the detail.

Deeper wireless smart sonar is the most versatile wireless sonar device available. You can use it all year long. It’s light, it fits in a pocket, and is so simple to use but very advanced to give you everything you need on the water. Add a flasher to your #icefishing kit to increase your catch, and turn a good day into a great one. Deeper products are available on my website there are also links to retailers.

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