Mix it up, try Multi Species Angling

I started out a kid fishing from shore, pretty much anywhere I went, if there was water to #fish I was fishing it. Something inside me constantly yearns to be outside, especially by a river or mountain stream. I am out in the boat most times tossing big lures for Pike and Walleye, but I’ve never lost that love of shore fishing, and sometimes it pulls at me, the mountain streams call my name. My love of nature runs deep, it comes from my native American great Grandmother. It’s not just the fishing, it’s also being in a place of beauty, peace and quiet, listening to the water and taking in the scenery.

Fishing means so much to me, that one species does not do it justice. I could never just focus all my time on one species. Pretty much year round fishing for me, even if I have to drill holes in the ice to get at them. If you find yourself stuck in a fishing rut, stuck on one species, and are starting to get that routine feeling. Shake it up a bit, go have an adventure, go find a stream and learn to fly fish, or find a different lake, do something to change it up. The minute you do, that feeling which has burned inside you will flare up, and you will find yourself unable to sleep the night before your fishing trip.

For me it’s a deep connected love of the sport I love it all, everything about it. I can drop my spinning outfit and pick up a fly rod in a second. All the various techniques and the science of it all, the learning involved. Drop my fly rod and sit and watch a bobber with my dog Chickadee and just enjoy a day outside. I find myself more appreciative of every moment outside as I get older and each season comes and goes. The knowing that I can fish whatever I want, whenever I want, anywhere I want, is fulfilling.

Explore the sport of #fishing and you will find there is much to learn, we will never know it all but if you expand your reach into the sport, you will find yourself on a very fun path. Remember that feeling you had when you were a kid? It’s still there inside, it’s just looking for a new challenge. Multi Species #angling, mix it up, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

Gary C Love / GCL Fishing

Gary C Love Fishing.

Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

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