The Great Power of a Positive Mind

So are you a Glass is Half empty or Half full person? Nobody likes to hang out with a negative person. Ever ask someone "how's it going?" and then get a 25 to 30 min spiel about everything from a hernia operation to the coffee is not hot enough! You bet, we have all been there. I was taught to value positive thinking, to find something positive in every situation even negative situations. In my career as a Professional Angler, I have run across many interesting situations. Even had my boat stolen from the boat launch with all my gear in it. I have always been able to find a positive note to settle on in every situation.

Keeping things positive is not always easy, in fact, some folks really struggle some days. I have my moments, however, I have trained myself to be aware of what causes me to stumble out of my positive zone. A negative influence from other people is the fastest way to get pulled out of your positive zone. To keep in a good positive zone you must surround yourself with like minded friends. As a Professional Angler, a positive state of mind is absolutely critical to having success on the water in a tournament. Tournaments can really test your positive mental strength. The time constriction, and the added pressure of having to get good weight fish to the boat. It is very easy to start worrying about what you have in the live-well and wondering is it enough.

In my book Fishing with the Jackfish the System, one of the keys to success is Positivity! There are many things that go into a positive state of mind and keeping it. Discipline and good habits, surrounding yourself with good positive minded people. And most of all for Anglers and Authors "Be Prepared" take the time to properly prepare for Fishing Tournaments, or writing your next book. Doing your homework, and having your notes and game plan set will give you the confidence you need to get the job done and win. I can tell you right now, it's so much fun to be on the water in my boat prepared with a solid game plan. Knowing exactly what I am going to do and having the ability to adapt on the fly to changing weather and water conditions.

There is great power in the Positive mind, and being in a positive state. Not only that, but hey, life is much more fun! I look for the positive in everything, no matter the situation. Sometimes a person just needs to hear a simple Good Morning with a smile behind it. Or see a comical post from a friend to set a day up in a positive way. However, your day will only be as positive and fun as you make it! With discipline and working at it everyday, you will build a positive vibe that will make "Negative Nelly" sick, and your friends happy and having fun with you. A positive vibe is not for everybody, and that is perfectly fine. I like to spend time with positive minded, fun people. There is great power in the Positive mind, human beings with positive vibes are capable of achieving magnificent accomplishments. The choices we make today, set up the menu of options available to us tomorrow. Good choices made today will assure a fun bright tomorrow for you my friends. I can't wait to see what you create.

Gary C Love / GCL Fishing

Gary C Love Fishing.

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