Vintage Metal Fishing Rods.

Here we will feature some of our vintage metal fishing rods. Metal rods go back to 1913 but were never really popular because of the weight of the overall rod by the time a reel and line was added the whole thing was just too heavy to fish all day. Popular or not there were plenty of anglers who liked the metal rods,  as a result many were made by companies in the 1930's as well as many patents issued. For most metal fishing rods production was halted in the 1940's during WWII as to be expected,  but after the war production resumed for a short time with companies like Waltco producing the Stub-Caster and other neat items like some unique fishing reels. With the advancements in plastics and the Fiberglass rods becoming more popular the metal rods were left behind to be forgotten. That is, untll collectors started the metal rod come back,  giving metal fishing rods thier rightfull place in history. We are always happy to add intact metal fishing rods to our collection. 

Stub-Caster Ice fishing Rod
GepHart Gep Rod by H.F Gephart 
WhiteHall Galt-Ont
We are always looking for quality rods to add to our collection. Check back often to see more.

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